13 Uncommon Side Hustle Ideas for 9-5ers in 2020

13 Uncommon Side Hustle Ideas for 9-5ers in 2020

Side hustle: anything that brings in money outside your regular job. But is it for everyone? Well, I believe this is a personal decision which might be dependent on your extra time, habits, amongst other factors.

However, if you’d like to look for ways to earn more money, you’d probably come across different options. You might want to narrow it down to your skills and needs.

Put in mind that you have to be consistent with your side hustle, as you have to build your brand up from scratch. While some of the listed ideas are quick ways of making money, others mature over time.


  • Podcasting

A podcast is an online radio that can be downloaded or an audio file made available online for an audience to download. It is for everyone and anyone that has a message.

In 2018, the podcast industry overall generated an estimated $479 million in advertising revenue, according to an International Advertisers Bureau report. By 2021, it’s expected to generate over a billion.

You can make money as a podcaster by pitching to brands as sponsors, creating a course on podcasting or providing a service. Although, you have to start first and grow your audience.


  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is earning money for marketing another company’s products. Earning is based on commission. Choose your preferred industry and make a thorough research to understand that industry as well as companies with the best affiliate programs.

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  • Be a Personal Shopper

Can you source for an item for days without being wary? Being a personal shopper might be just for you. A personal shopper is someone who paid to buy things for other people who either don’t have time or ability to go out themselves.

To become a personal shopper, you have to choose your area of specialization: (gadgets, fashion items, groceries), identify your target market, develop the necessary skills such as customer service skills, know how to work with a budget, and manage time effectively.

You could start out by sourcing items for your friends and family, encourage them to refer their friends and family to you, create a website and social media accounts.


  • Make YouTube Videos

Gone are the days (well, maybe not entirely gone) when we’d have to justify to people, especially our parents why instead of getting a reputable 9-5 job, we sit in front of a camera all day recording what we know how to do best. YouTube gives you a platform to showcase what you love doing and getting paid for it over time.

Currently, YouTube’s highest-earner is an eight-year-old Ryan Kaji raking in $26 million in 2019 with over 23 million subscribers.  And guess what he does. He reviews toys. Yes, toys.

So, if you are good at something, strongly passionate about it and you don’t mind showing the world so that we can learn or feel good within ourselves watching your videos, you might consider creating a YouTube channel. However, you have to be consistent, authentic and persevere. Put in mind that you won’t start making money immediately neither will your subscribers overnight.


  • Manage Social Media Accounts

If you are skilled in networking, curating engaging social media content, creating an aesthetic page layout on social media and managing more than one social media account, you might have what it takes to be a social media manager. What you have to do is experiment with your personal page. Who knows, someone might share your post on their page and another person likes it and give you your first job.

Also, be up-to-date on social media management tools. They make your work organized and easy.


  • Be a Personal Chef

Are you the go-to person on food-related issues in your chef? Is your kitchen your happy place? Do you like to try out new recipes and they end up tasting like you are a master in preparing that delicacy? If the answer to these questions is yes, maybe it is a sign that you could become a personal chef.

Your culinary skills are not there yet but the idea appeals to you, you could apply to a culinary school and upgrader your skills.

Just like a personal shopper, humans want to look good and eat well but they have no time to spare or zero patience to look for items on the internet or cook an elaborate meal. This works for you as you can leverage on that to make more money.

For a start, prepare different delicacies and invite your family and friends for food tasting. If they want more, you could charge them a token. Take pictures of your mouth-watering, well-plated delicacies and upload them on your social media pages. It shouldn’t be long before orders start rolling in.


  • Freelance

These days, employers prefer to hire experts on contract in order to save funds and other resources. There are a number of freelancing platforms that connect such employers with freelancers, find one best showcases your skill sets.

These platforms are also flexible, which means you could take on jobs as it suits you. So, if you have a 9-5 and you are a good writer, a web developer, a graphics designer, or an SEO expert, you could consider signing up for one of these platforms.


  • Drive for Uber or Taxify

It is time to stop spending money on your car without any returns. On your way from work or on weekends, you could turn on your availability through these networks with the simple click of a button, effectively allowing you to make money.

Alternatively, you could give one of your cars up for hire purchase to a driver, where the car becomes his after completing the total agreed cumulative sum.


  • Thrifting

Thrifting is shopping for cheap items or recycling formerly-owned items. It has been made easy as buyers source for these items in local markets, launder them and put them up for sale online. This reduces the stress of checking more than 50 items before finally settling for one.


  • Write Resumes and Cover Letters

Are you good at writing resumes and you have been doing it for free? It is time to turn it to a side hustle. Use a professional platform like LinkedIn and other social media platforms to promote and advertise your resume writing services. Ask people you have done a free job to write a review or testimonial so that you can post them on your social media and website. It is the least you can ask for.


  • Be a Language Teacher

While awaiting my call up letter for Youth Service, I engaged the service of a French Tutor. He was well-versed in the language and extremely patient which made learning the language fun for me.

Are you well-versed in a second language and good at teaching it? The opportunity to turn it to a side hustle has been staring at you all the while.


  • Give Driving Lessons

Are you a great driver and willing to take on students? Why not get licensed a driving instructor? You can advertise your services both online and offline.


  • Follow Your Passion

Think deeply, what are you passionate about? What gives you joy and fulfillment even if you are not paid to do it? Now imagine the extra motivation when money is involved. I mean that is the point of having a side hustle, right?

Find your passion, equip yourself with the necessary skills, be yourself and start making money.

Who knows? Your side hustle may become your main hustle later on.


To run your business alongside your regular job takes a lot of discipline, dedication, perseverance, passion, and hard work. Mastering time management will help you juggle between your 9-5 and your side hustle.

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