2019 Recap

2019 Recap


Where did the time go?

2019 was so much and beyond for us at TucanaNG and we are super glad to have gone through the amazing moments in the year with you.

On May 7th, 2019, we officially launched TucanaNG. This happened to be the highlight of our year as we were able to finally take to market what we tirelessly worked on for about 2 years. The acceptance and love we have since received after the launch has been nothing short of tremendous. All thanks to you.

To properly introduce what we do at TucanaNG, we started from the basics by explaining all that you need to know about web hosting and highlighting the different types of web hosting, dwelling on shared hosting. This is to carry along our target audience that might be new to the web hosting world.

We proceeded to answer one of the most common questions asked by business owners: Why do I need a website and a reliable web hosting for my business? Having established the need for a website and web hosting, we shared 8 things to consider before starting a website and dished out 6 tips on how to choose the best web host.

In order to take the burden off businesses and individuals that might be at a loss on how to choose the appropriate domain name for their business, we discussed 7 things to note before choosing a domain name.

To make sure no one was left behind, we elaborated on 2 important topics for businesses that already have a web hosting provider: how to know when to switch web hosts and when you should upgrade your hosting plan.

Further down the line, we started a new series on email hosting where we discussed top reasons why you need a professional email and email marketing gone wrong?

To round off the year, we dedicated to small businesses the best apps for 2019 (oldie but goodie, so you can still check it out) and 5 ways to grow your business online.

TucanaNG as a team is filled with so much gratitude for your ceaseless love towards us and our growth. Thank you so much.

We hope you remain in our circle by the end of 2020.

To an amazing and prosperous year. Cheers!

Your true business identity online.

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