5 ways to grow your business online

5 ways to grow your business online

Let’s be honest, not every business owner has hundreds of thousands laying around to engage social media influencers, advertise Google ads or other paid marketing. This doesn’t make them any less of a business owner, neither does it determine the success or failure of their business.
Today, I will be exploring 5 ways of growing your business online without spending money.

Identify your target audience
A target market is the specific group of people you want to reach with your marketing message.
One of the common mistakes new businesses make is trying to target everyone. This often leads to an overly expensive marketing strategy with little return.
Focusing on your target audience will help you understand where and how to reach your potential clients, and streamline content, products, and services.
For instance, if you offer accounting services you would want to create content around the importance of bookkeeping and target it towards business owners.
If you are yet to identify your target market, here is how to conduct an audience research:

Create a customer profile:
Identify the common characteristics of people that are likely to buy your products or services. It could be categorized into age, gender, income level and location.

Conduct market research:
This involves learning customer buying habits through surveys, interviews and focus groups.

Reassess your offering and profile:
Based on the insights gathered from a comprehensive customer profile, look at your products or services in a fresh light and reevaluate your business.

Create high-quality content
When it comes to online business, information and engagement are key. Therefore, you would want to create content and deliver it in a way that keeps your readers will stay glued.
Your target audience comes into play here; this is because your content should be tailored to meet the needs of your target audience. Also, be sure to deliver authentic industry news. Remember, your brand reputation is on the line.
Quality content involves other elements of text; it involves:

Site speed:
A slow website turns off website visitors. It is shown that 53% of people on mobile devices give up on a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, it is important to optimize your website for speed. Have in mind that your web host also plays a crucial role in this area.

It is also important that visitors are able to navigate your website without any hassle. They should be able to find all the information and categories they are looking for seamlessly.

Utilize social media:
Social media is one of the best and effective platforms to position your business right in front of thousands of potential customers without actually spending money.
However, it’s not enough to simply have an Instagram or Twitter profile. You can’t just put up a business page and hope people flock to it. You have to put in the work and be a part of the premise behind the idea: being social.

  • Try to post more than once daily. Although, this depends on your kind of business and your target audience. You want to study what your target audience wants so that you don’t post too much to the extent that it repels them or too little. The point is you need to be active if you want attention from your target audience.


  • You might also want to consider adding videos and images to your content when you post on social media. This is because graphics engage users more than plain text.


  • Another beautiful thing about social media is you don’t have to put out your own organic content all the time. You could retweet or share other people or business’ content that you find relevant to your audience. This way, you are also socializing with other businesses.


  • Say you have a new blog post on your website, do not hesitate to share a snippet on your social media pages. This will direct your audience on social media to your website. And who knows? Some products or services might catch their attention.


  • Nearly every website has social sharing buttons on its content. Don’t forget to add it to your store items or service offerings as well. You never know who is looking at your pages, and he or she might share your goods with their own followers.

Take SEO seriously
Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the ways to grow business online organically. With this, your products show up on the first few pages of search results. While you can’t maintain complete control over where your company and products appear in search results, you can control elements of your website that can move you up or down in search results.
Create concise title tags. It’s worth your time to craft clear descriptions of each page, including keywords that tell search engines and users what the page is about.
Write powerful meta-descriptions. Similarly, the meta-descriptions text appears just underneath the title tag in search results. Here, too, the clear and accurate text helps users understand what you’re offering, and whether they want to click–or move on.
Make sure you’re mobile-friendly. Search engines prioritize mobile-optimized sites in their rankings. Ensure that yours passes common tests for mobile usability.

Direct your current customer base to your website
Do you want to take your business online? Do you already have a good customer base on social media but want to grow your website? This is for you. A good way to boost your SEO and direct more traffic to your website, especially for an eCommerce business, is by encouraging your potential and existing customers to shop more on your website.

How can this be achieved? You could offer incentives to pivot this course. Probably by offering discounts online or speeding up your time. Take time to carry out research to know what would motivate your customers to want to join you on this course.

Although, you must have built trust in your business both offline and online. This involves making your website secure so that your customers are assured their personal and financial information are safe on your website.

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