8 Things to consider before starting a website – Tucana.NG

8 Things to consider before starting a website – Tucana.NG

Building your first website could be overwhelming, especially with the thought of wanting to get it right and making it stand out.

We have put together these 8 tips that can help you figure out the basic and most important things you need to know before starting your website.

Define the purpose of your website:

Is it to market your business? Is it because your competitors have their website already? Is it to showcase your creative work? Or to sell your products and services?

What is the real purpose for building that website?  What is your strategy behind your website?

As a business owner / entrepreneur, it is important to be true to yourself and identify the real purpose for wanting to build a website. By identifying the purpose, you are able to keep your content and message to be in line with the aim of your website. This will help your visitors as well.


“Life is too short to learn from your mistakes. So learn from others.” – Unknown

Check your competitors’ websites, see what works and what doesn’t. You could recreate what you like about their website, with a twist on your website, while you avoid what you think might repel your website visitors. By doing this, you will avoid the same mistakes they make and come up with something better.

Know your target market:

They are the reason why you still have a business/brand after all. Therefore, it is important to know the ones for your business and what they want to see on your website. Everything about your website resolves around them, which means they have to be taken very seriously.

The earlier you are able to identify them the better, as this will influence your choice of theme, layout, content and search engine optimization. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is to design a product or build a website for themselves. This is done unconsciously by deciding the what’s and what’s not for their target market.

Another way is to talk to your customer support team and the sales team. Based on the interactions as well as inquiries they get and the support they give to the customers on a regular basis, they will be able to add valuable inputs that will make your customers lives better by using your website.

Choose your domain name wisely:

Having a domain name is the first step towards building a website. It is the unique identity of your website.

At Tucana.NG, we advise our customers to keep it short and simple; a name easy to remember, preferably one already associated with your business. For instance, if your business name as well as your physical store is Exquisite Bakers, it will be advisable to purchase exquisitebakers.com (depending on your preferred TLD), if it is available. This is because your customers know you as Exquisite Baker, and it will easier to search for that name online and even refer someone to you.

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Create a Logo:

A logo is a representation of your brand. A simple logo is easy to recognize and remember. Depending on how well you can use software for designing logos, you could save yourself the stress and get the services of a graphic designer.

Design and Layout:

It is no news that customers often associate the design of a website to the quality of a company or product. Hence, you have to do it right.

Having carried out a proper research, you should have an idea of how the website will look like in terms of design and layout. We recommend an attractive and easy to read design with intuitive navigation.

This also involves colours. When choosing colours, it is essential to consider your company’s niche, target audience, branding and colour theory elements.

Website builders have made it easy to build your website by yourself. All you have to do is work with the available templates.

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What narrative are you trying to tell your website’s visitors? Based on research, you will be able to know what appeals to them: images, videos, infographics or texts.

Creating a high quality, original content is crucial when designing a website. The quality of content and keywords and keywords affect your website’s ranking in search engine results.

Get familiar with SEO:

Search Engine Optimization plays a huge role in attracting visitors to your website. You need the know different keywords related to your field that your audience will likely search for in search engines and provide well-constructed explanation of what those visitors will find when they get there.

Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Moz’s Keyword Explorer are 3 of the best SEO keyword research tools for your business to begin a well-rounded keyword foundation in your campaigns

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