Choosing a Domain Name: 7 Things to Consider.

Choosing a Domain Name: 7 Things to Consider.

A domain name is the unique name associated to your website online – your identity on the web. It is the address that is used to locate you on the internet.

Similar to choosing a company name, choosing a domain name is equally important. It requires being thoughtful and deliberate.

Before anyone finds themselves on your website, the first thing they see is your domain name. That is why it is important to make sure you choose the best domain name possible for your business.

  1. Align your domain name with what you do:

Consider a domain that aligns with your business and the services you render. By looking at your domain name, they should be able to guess what your business is about.

For instance: if you own a cake shop, you could consider:, Any member of your target audience that sees this is likely expecting to see a display of mouth-watering cake images on your website.

  1. Keep your audience in mind:

Chances are that you already have a business page on social media or a physical store before considering owning a website or purchasing a domain. Retaining the name your audience already know your business/store by will make it easy to find and refer to your website.

For instance: if you are The Hair Laundry on Instagram, you might want to consider having as your domain name.

This is why it is important to be intentional and professional about your business name on social media. It is even more important to purchase a domain as you are registering your business and setting it up on social media.

Lesson: Ensure there is uniformity in your registered business name, domain, social media and physical store.

  1. Make a list of multiple desired names:

It happened to me a couple of times that I was dead sure a particular name would be available. Only for me to look it up and find it taken. This is very common. Therefore, making a list of up to 10 domain names you’d like to have is not a bad idea at all.


Take a brief moment to enter your desired domain name on Tucana domain search tool to find out if they are available. If they are not, you will be offered a list of available extensions.

What to do if all of these domain names are available? Read the following points below.

  1. Keep it short and simple:

Choose a domain name that is easy to spell and type. This will reduce the occurrence of your target audience misspelling your domain.

A short domain name tends to be easy to read and remember.

  1. Buy the common misspellings of your domain:

As simple and easy your domain name is, there is likely to be a case of web users misspelling your name, especially when you have double letters in a word. Such as:

To make sure you are covered, purchase the common misspellings of your domain.

  1. Avoid using uncommon top-level domain names:

A TLD comes after the period in a domain. Such as .com, .ng,, etc. .com is the most popular.  Stick with the most commonly used, unless you are a formal organization, then a .org works best, in the educational sector – .edu; government agency –; media(television), .tv.

  1. Consider buying other main TLDs of your domain name:

I’m sure you won’t want to compete with another website with the same domain name but different TLD in the future when your brand is becoming a household name. To lock it down, you might want to consider purchase the different main TLDs of your domain.

It will also prevent creation of imposter websites, and mix-up of TLDs.


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