How To Know When It Is Time To Switch Web Hosts

How To Know When It Is Time To Switch Web Hosts

The search for the best web hosting plan could be overwhelming especially when it is your first website, which could make you pick a wrong choice.

The good news is, some signs will be evident when it is time to move your website to a new host.

Frequent Downtime:

A website is said to be down when it is unavailable to users. Internet users could be so patient that if they are not able to access your website once, they may never check back again.

Downtime makes your website appear unreliable and of low quality to users and search engines. We don’t want that, do we? Especially if it is an eCommerce website where every downtime means lost revenue.

If your website constantly experiences constant downtime, there is likely to be a chance that your web host may have something to do with it. This may be as a result of the quality of the hosting equipment, the type of server your website is on, amongst others.

Slow Speed:

A slow website turns off website visitors as much as an unavailable website. It not only affects your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but also your conversion rate.

Common causes of slow websites are too many users on a server, server location, heavy traffic, amongst others.

If it is identified that your website is slow as a result of heavy traffic, then, you may be asked to upgrade your plan.

Tools like Pingdom are useful to check your website speed.

Poor Customer Service:

There are times when you will have server-related issues on your website. When this occurs, you should be able to get through to your host and be provided with relevant and adequate support to resolve the issue.

When there is an issue related to your host, it directly or indirectly affects the performance of your website. Hence, it is important your web host provides good and quality support at all times. If your web host does not provide a good customer support service, it may be the time for you to make that move.

High Hosting Cost:

We get asked a lot of times if our pricing is cheaper on renewal. And the answer is yes. This question is asked because some providers make their plans appear cheap to attract new customers and include unnecessary charges on renewal.

If you find the pricing for your web host expensive and unsustainable, it is time to make that change, as there are a lot of cheaper alternatives with equally quality services.


Security is one of the most important factor to look out for in a web hosting. This is because they are responsible for your servers. Not every provider is diligent when it comes to security, making it super easy for hackers to gain access to website, which could lead to loss of data, decreased credibility and malicious attacks.

Have you been experiencing the above issues and would like to make that move to Tucana? Kindly send a maill to or send us a message on Livechat. We are always happy to help.

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